Saturday 28 May 2022


I've noticed that people talk less and less about The Russian war against Ukraine.

Prior to a few months ago, the area of Ukraine known as Donbas was probably unknown to most of us. Now however, thanks to Putin, it has become a byword for destruction and genocide; for which he must  eventually pay the price.

The Donbas region is (was) a major historical, cultural, and economic region of South Eastern Ukraine, it borders Russia to the North, the East, and the South East. 

President Zelensky has now declared the region totally destroyed. Putin's troops have thrown their all at the area; having mostly failed elsewhere.

The question must surely be; now that the Russians have made the area unliveable-in, and destroyed every vestige of industry, and agriculture, WHAT DO THEY INTEND TO DO WITH IT?

Will they unfold their deckchairs and admire their newly conquered land? Will they spend a fortune rebuilding it all? Or will they simply go home and count the cost of their losses during its destruction?

So well done lads. You've slaughtered, tortured, and reeked havoc, and you have now gained a vast area of 'scorched-earth-policy' land. You must all be feeling very proud of yourselves.


  1. And all this allegedly in defence of the 'Russian patriots' who lived there! That'll win their hearts and minds.

  2. The media has stopped talking about it simply because, despite all the weapons we've flooded the place with, the Russians are continuing to take ground.
    For more than 2 months we've heard how well the Ukrainians were trained by us and NATO, how Russia couldn't finance a war for more than 10 days, how their poorly armed and equipped army would easily be defeated.
    The reality though is that the Russians continue to grind forward taking areas that have had reinforced concrete defences built up over the last 8 years.
    The Ukrainians lose, by their presidents own admission so it's probably double , 100 soldiers a day and twice that wounded.
    The Russians still haven't run out of missiles or bombs or tanks or artillery. The rouble, far from being broken, currently trades at around 65 to the dollar and was named by Bloomberg as the world's best performing currency of the year!
    Sanctions have ramped up all our energy costs, but the increasing energy and commodity prices have seen Russia actually a achieve higher income because the world needs those fuels and materials and outside of our white European and American bubble most nations don't care about a war in Europe.
    As for the condition of Donbass well you know Iraq looked far worse. We had 43 days of uninterrupted air strikes before invading. We'd already blown up all communications, water, power, TV stations, sanitation to the entire country . But we cheered that on. Something the Russians haven't even though they could.
    When the Iraqis rebelled in 2007 against our occupation it took 125,000 US troops over a month to retake Fallujah and they had no artillery, drones, rockets or airforce.
    The number of dead Iraqis was over a million after we'd liberated the hell out of it. Now we have the temerity to critise the Russians for Ukraine, its absurd. Even more so when we're actively paying for and arming them to ensure greater death and destruction whst decrying the inhumanity.

    1. Some of us did see Blair/Bush as war criminals; and still do!

  3. I just despair. It always turns out the same for ordinary people. How on earth did the Russians think this would be any different?

  4. Destroy everything and destroy the will of the people. This is Putin's plan and he will continue with it.

  5. I still find it hard to believe that such a terrible thing is happening now and going on without a real ability to reach out for help.

  6. I have also noticed that after dominating the news, the Ukraine war has slipped down the bill as it were. By the way, have you checked your "spam" recently? You only had four comments to your last post. Mine disappeared.

    P.S. wreaked havoc - not reeked havoc.

  7. Invade, destroy and conquer and now it is theirs. But what is it? I understand capturing ports better.

  8. It's not just Ukraine, what happened to Covid? What became of BLM? It's all diversionary rubbish. If you seriously believe our politicians care about us or Ukrainians then I suggest you look a bit deeper. How long before Monkey Pox is airborne?

    1. PS. They could always take a leaf out of our book and start a company called National Car Parks.

  9. How much longer will this continue? Does anyone really know? .


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