Friday 20 May 2022

Why are the Newspapers obsessed?


Even in our troubled times, there seem to be three subjects that, above all others, are grabbing the attention of our daily newspapers. Two of which are courtroom 'Dramas'.

Ex-lovebirds Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are at each others throats in the USA, and here in the UK the protagonists are a couple of WAGS (Footballer's Wives and Girlfriends) called Colleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy.

Depp and Heard are simply an unpleasant pair of spoilt brats who are trying to say who hit who first, with one of them wanting lots on money. And in the UK it's a schoolgirl hair-pulling scrap about who revealed secrets to the press, with one of them wanting lots of money. I cannot tell you any details simply because I find these two courtroom fights as interesting as cold porridge.

What an example to the less privileged outside world. Film actors and footballer's wives spending millions just to prove some pathetic point, about which no-one is the slightest bit interested.

Need I tell you, but their third obsession are that tiresome couple Harry and Mrs Harry, who continue to behave like naughty children. Their main sponsors, Netflix, are apparently making a documentary series about them, filmed at their cottage in California. Yes, they really did quit Britain to avoid the limelight.

All I can say is thank goodness we have the more important members of our Royal Family still doing what they do best, here at home. They all work very hard, meeting, greeting, handing-out gongs, and showing their presence. Charles, William, their wives and a few others continue to do what we expect of them. They are non-political, forward thinking, often ridiculed, but well loved by the huge majority of Brits (and foreigners).

Depp, Heard, Vardy, Rooney, Sussex, and Sussex; are six people we could happily do without. 

Their Lawyers and the press, however, adore them.


  1. They're obviously short on 'proper' news these days, I'd also include sport along with the above.

  2. I am incandescent with rage. My first comment - accidentally deleted by the author of this blog - was probably the best comment I have ever written and now it is gone forever! Boo hoo!

  3. Some of the best comments are never shared on your blog.

  4. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to watch the drama, but I suppose there are enough to keep it going. I find it a waste of time and uninteresting drivel. Ha

  5. Heard and Depp? Two people who brought out the worst in each other. I met Johnny a few times back in the 80s when he was working in Vancouver. Very nice and polite, seemed shy. And yes, I know fame changes people. What is interesting is the fact that Vanessa, has never said a bad word about the father of her children.

    WAGS? Ignore them, not relevant outside of the UK.

    Harry and Megzi? How the mighty have fallen. Royal to reality show performers. I mean, Ms. Markle is the perfect example of how to destroy a family and make yourself an international joke. From a very little known actress to a future King's daughter in law, and HRH Duchess, to a wannabe reality performer in less than five years.


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