Sunday 15 May 2022

Haddock's Mark 2.

Haddock's is no longer a veg' garden, it has now become a mowed orchard and fun area. I hope to build a vine covered Pergola there this Summer, and install a decent BBQ.

Meanwhile back in the UK, I still intend to grow Tomatoes. Haddock's 2 is already in place (below), and all the digging and composting completed. I have bought four 'Tumbler' Tomato plants, and with any luck we'll have some Tomatoes later in the year.

My aim is to grow the Toms whilst we're away, and reap the harvest when we return. What could be simpler?

Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen. I think it might depend on the amount of rain-water the plants receive, but I'm anticipating kilos and kilos of wonderful tasty Tomatoes. Knowing what an amazingly dry and mild Winter we've had, I'm anticipating a wet Summer, which would be fine for my plants, if not for tanning on the beach.

Our fingers are collectively crossed! Watch this space.

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