Friday, 22 March 2019

For Mischa; the youngest Magnon.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING. Love from Grumpy xxx

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Marley and Me.


Marley still comes to the house looking for his friend Bok. He knocks gently on the door, looks around, sniffs at Bok's bed, then looks perplexed when he can't find him. When Bok lost his friend Monty, he showed no similar concern whatsoever.

He's still a very energetic pup. I imagine he must be about four, but behaves like a two-year-old. He never walks at walking pace, instead he tears around with boundless energy. I fear for my safety when I hear him coming towards me from behind, at 50 kph.

He's a beautiful boy, and loves to accompany me on my daily walks. It's a shame that someone doesn't take him in hand, and train him. He has the potential to be a really clever dog.

He's very amused by Billy. Isn't he beautiful.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Billy progress.

Silly Billy is now 3 months old, and is a very difficult pup to photograph.

Since joining us aged 8 weeks, he has already begun to show his true character; especially when it comes to his appetite. He arrived weighing just 1 kg 970 gms, and now weighs in at 4 kg 600.

Last week he visited the Vet' for a jab, and was given a good overall examination. He was pronounced just about perfect.

I'm sure someone must have spilt Rocket Fuel into his Puppy Food, as his energy level is unbelievable. He hardly ever walks, instead he leaps everywhere; not unlike a baby Lamb. Then on our short walks he imitates Usain Bolt. I've already started to acclimatise him to walking him on a lead, and he's accepted it very well.

He is already learning the difference between indoors and outdoors; one being for eating and sleeping, and the other for peeing and pooing. There is still the occasional mishap, but he's getting there.

He has mastered 'Sit', and we're working on 'Basket' (as in 'go to your basket at once'). 'Come by', 'Away', and 'Stay', will be next.

All in all, he's looking pretty good. He's a very amusing little boy. He's still biting everything in sight (mostly hands), and has a penchant for eating shoes. Originally he slept in a tall cardboard box; from which he couldn't escape at night, but he's now moved on to Monty/Bok's oversized chew-proof bed in the kitchen, and feels very grown-up.

His walks are still quite short; roughly 300/400 metres, three times a day. As we are in Processionary Caterpillar season, we stick to nearby routes where, hopefully, none is around. I'll introduce him to the woods later.

He's a very cute little guy with his spotted pink nose and comical ways. I think we'll keep him!

He's much better looking than in the photo.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

'Four eyes'.

I was hoping I'd get through life without having to wear glasses.

For some reason, I cannot part with all my old bits of broken specs. I have boxes filled with assorted lenses, frames, and arms (are they called arms?).

Most have been broken by dogs; our dogs. Because I keep my specs on strings, they hang down in front of me, and are perfect for snagging themselves in dogs' paws.

Many have met their maker in the woods. Whilst mushrooming, and staring at the ground, I get myself caught on branches, and suddenly find I'm 'glassesless'.

Some have just been lost, and never found; but this is rare.

I only wear the wretched things for reading writing or drawing, so they dangle, unused, in front of me for most of my waking hours. I'm slightly annoyed that I need to wear them at all. I don't like them, and see them mostly as unnecessary accidents, waiting to happen.

The most recent accident was at the paws of young Billy. I think he bit them, pulled them off, and sadly I walked on them (outdoors in the dark). They have now joined the huge assortment of broken bits and pieces in my collection. 

However, I've replaced them with the above. My oldest said he thought they looked OK; I'm sure I'll get used to them, I was always more comfortable with half-moons! 

Monday, 18 March 2019

Are you sitting comfortably... A re-posting from December 2010.

The brain is the strangest of computers.

I'm currently feeding some friends' cat whilst they're away galavanting in Blighty. And, this morning on my way home (as I 'trudged' through half a centimeter of snow), I was reminded of two of my absolute favourite childhood books. I wonder WHY?

Above is Pookie; the rabbit with wings. I used to cry every time my mother read this one to me, and no doubt I still would if I had to read it to my grandchildren.

And this is Ameliaranne who fought off bullies, organised concerts, and was an all-round good egg (a junior Judy Garland of her literary day).

I still have the books, but I'm afraid they're both in a pretty poor state from far too much use. I'm sure that much of my enjoyment of them was on account of their beautiful illustrations.

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Sunday, 17 March 2019

MAMA CASS easy come, easy go

The rather tragic Mama Cass with a nice song for Sunday.

A classic example of the 'voice' being far superior to its 'backing music'; not always the case. At 15 secs it totally comes alive!

Saturday, 16 March 2019


I returned to my laptop yesterday afternoon, to find a small black screw on the table, just to the right of my machine. Where the hell could it have come from?

Even after serious interrogation (thumbscrews, waterboarding, etc), Lady Magnon denied all knowledge of the offending object. I searched everywhere to see if anything lacked a small black screw; nothing. I looked up at the ceiling; nothing was up there from which it could have fallen.

So, I'm baffled. It's worrying thinking that something is lacking an essential part; a bit like having pieces left over after having dismantled and rebuilt some simple machine. 

I've checked everything that has stood on the table for the past month or so. The laptop itself, my camera, my binoculars, even my sticky-tape dispenser; nothing lacks a small black screw.

It's enough to drive a chap mental.

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