Friday, 29 September 2023

Breakfast dilemma.

Breakfast has recently become more of a problem than it used to be. I have tried to resist the eating of bacon, fried eggs, haggis, black pudding, etc, in exchange for a more balanced diet of either toast or muesli. 

My other alternative is left-overs from the previous night's supper; curry, couscous, roasted meat, etc. These are usually blasted for 1.5 mins in the Microwave. 

Generally, I have a couple of slices of toasted seeded wholemeal bread, so my next problem is what I shall accompany it with. 

For obvious reasons I eat my breakfast alone (at 5 am), so I can't ask 'would you prefer X or Y' other than to myself. The decision making is entirely my own.

I'm not supposed to eat too much sugar or salt, so here is where the problems begin.

Whilst my toast is burning, I tend to put out all alternatives; Marmite, Honey, Marmalade, or Peanut Butter. Occasionally I add Hummus, St Agur blue cheese, or a few Anchovies. The confusion abounds.

This above is what my breakfast table looked like yesterday morning, other than two tiny Lamb Chops that I'd already eaten.

Of my two slices of toast, one was eaten with Marmite, and the other with Coopers Oxford Marmalade.

I did also bring back quite a few tins of 'sea foods' from France, but I keep them for 'special occasions'. These include Squid in Ink, Octopus in marinera sauce, and various styles of Shellfish and Sardines. All real favourites with buttered toast in the mornings.

Anyway, this morning I couldn't resist any longer and treated myself to a fried egg on toast with a couple of 'slices' of haggis. Lovely.

My breakfasts are always complicated.

Thursday, 28 September 2023


I don't know what the weather is like where you live, but here it's been quite good.

I still haven't needed to wear my Barbour or gumboots, in fact I've been wearing just shorts and T shirt every day since we got back three weeks ago. We have been promised rain, and storms, but neither have materialised other than some light overnight drizzle. 

We have beautiful Roses in front of, and behind, the house, and my vine is full of grapes; whether these will ripen to become edible is anyone's guess. Most days have been sunny, and we've had our big dining room doors permanently open during daytime, as well as the new big bedroom window open at nights.

My forecaster is predicting daytime temperatures up to 20 C for the next week or so, and no rain. And people are still swimming in a reasonably warm sea (not me).

I am not delusional; I do know that some nasty weather is bound to come our way before too long, but the Winter before last was very dry and mild and I'm hoping that that will be repeated again this Winter.

Yesterday I needed to do some shopping and as usual I went in shorts and T shirt. I noticed at once that the majority of people were wrapped in Winter weather clothes. They had foolishly watched the TV weather forecast which had been 100% wrong. 

Hurricane Agnes failed to arrive, other than a stiff breeze. Never believe forecasters.


Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Cute Baby Elephant

Baby Elephants must be the cutest creatures on earth. I would really like one (as long as it didn't grow-up!

Many years ago Lady M wanted a Giraffe for Christmas; but I had to put my foot down, and say 'no'.

Had she asked for a baby Elephant; who knows!

Tuesday, 26 September 2023

Fire Brand.


A week ago, the Sunday papers had only one subject on their front pages; yes, it was him.  

This man (The self-declared 'Saviour of the Universe'; whose name I won't mention) seems to be finally getting his comeuppance, and possibly about time too.

We all know how easy it is to become 'famous' by shocking the public. One can also become famous by being outrageously foul-mouthed and radical. But once that fame has been achieved it shouldn't be 'used or abused'.

His appalling 2008 broadcast, along with sidekick Jonathan Ross, leaving obscene messages on the answerphone of actor Andrew Sachs about his granddaughter Georgina Baillie, should really have ended his career, but his junior snowflake lovie supporters somehow ensured his survival. He did resign from the BBC over the affair, but I presume others of his ilk must since have employed him. 

Now, many of the women and girls that he allegedly abused or exposed himself to in his heyday, have come forward, only this time he won't simply be allowed to 'resign', he'll more than likely end-up in court.

He, and people such as fellow self-obsessed weirdo Andrew Tate, should always expect their nastiness to catch-up with them; and it looks as if for both of them, it has.

I have written previously about this person, and regular readers might remember my feelings about him. I am not at all surprised about the current accusations.

I don't wish to be over judgemental prior to judicial findings, because I am well aware that some gullible young women do idolise 'celebs', and will often throw themselves at them, and regret later. We shall have to wait and see what happens, but if he is found guilty I hope they throw the book at him!

And, yes; this Sunday's Times newspaper continued its coverage of him and a few of his fellow nasties. They are describing them as 'A Leaderless Cult', which is exactly what they are. It's time it was dismantled.

This particular member of the cult has made a career out of being very nasty, sexually provocative, and politically naïve; if he does get his comeuppance, I shall shed no tears.

Monday, 25 September 2023

Prior Crauden.

The chapel you see below is in fact two chapels. At ground floor is The Undercroft Chapel, and up a very narrow winding stone staircase is Prior Crauden's Chapel.

The long building to the left is 'the oldest inhabited residential building in Europe', it was built around 970 AD. It is where I spent four years at school. You can understand why the chapels were so omnipresent in the young Cro's early life. They were directly opposite my 'front door'.

Prior Crauden's Chapel (below) is one of the most beautiful and serene places on earth. It is very small, beautifully decorated with carved stone niches and remains of vaulting, and with an ancient tiled floor depicting Adam and Eve under the altar area.

When I was at school I would often take a book up there and sit for hours in one of the niches, reading. I was almost guaranteed to be alone, and it made the most perfect 'reading room'; far quieter than our library.

The chapel was built in 1320 by Prior John de Crauden, and I shall remain eternally grateful to him.


Sunday, 24 September 2023

Far too early!

Yes, it had to happen and it's not even October.

Mince pies are in the shops. I have also seen Christmas Puddings, and Christmas Cakes. It won't be long before the aisles are filled with tinsel, tree baubles, and cheap gaudy Santa suits.

By the time we get to Dec 25th, we'll all be fed-up with Christmas, and only too pleased to see the back of it.

And, NO, I didn't buy any, but I did buy some Crumpets!

Saturday, 23 September 2023


We don't have many books here, those we do have are probably hidden away in the loft. Most of our books are in France, and I have no intention of filling the car with them to bring them back here.

So, a new book is something of a novelty. Lady M bought this one recently and we are both reading it at the same time; we simply have two different book marks. When she puts it down, I take it up, and we read alternatively.

I'd not previously heard of Ms Strout, but I believe she is a highly regarded writer. I do like her slightly 'stream of consciousness' style of writing, and in a similar way to W B Yates I also like the fact that she will always use a single small word instead of trying to impress with several larger ones. It is written almost as a diary, I also like the way she divides the pages.

The story itself is about a woman who leaves New York to escape the ravages of Covid, her relationship with her ex-husband, and all sorts of other bits and pieces in between. It's a surprisingly good read, filled with highs and lows; not a lot happens.

I shall have to visit some Charity Shops soon to buy some more books; I really don't like being without something to read, even if I don't actually read it.

I'm currently reading Alan Bennett's 'Lady in the Van'; a very short book that should take me about ten minutes to finish; and I now have. A bit like a starter, but without any main course.

I've just begun another of Ms Strout's novels, 'Olive Kitteridge'.

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