Wednesday 24 February 2010

They're back.

At 4.40 pm this afternoon, the first of the returning Cranes flew over the cottage. High above in their classic V formation, they sang so loudly that I immediately ran outside.

"Welcome home", I shouted, as I waved to them in the air.

It's a heart warming sight. Having wished them well last autumn as they left for the warmer climes of North Africa, they now return to fly north; up as far as Scandinavia.

My friend, Craig, had told me this morning that they had already been seen, so what a pleasure it was to see them for myself.

A seasonal pointer of significance.
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  1. A sure sigh of better weather to come.
    A lovely day to you, my dear.

  2. What nice and welcome visitors. Maybe they will bring another baby for you, after all these years?

    I've never eaten Crane....

  3. Thank you Simone.

    Tom, don't frighten me like that. Thank goodness that Mrs Magnon's still in Oz.

    I hope there'll be more coming over today. It's a strangely emotional sight.


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