Wednesday 10 February 2010

What is a 'cottage'?

A cottage should be old, small, cosy, bucolic, cheap, and FABULOUS.

The little window is above our front door and gives into a heavily low-beamed bedroom. The opening is made from just 6 simply cut stones, measures about 1ft 6ins square, and gives me huge pleasure every time I look at it. Without one or two 'features' such as this a cottage becomes just a small house.

The interior shot is perhaps more classic 'cottage'. The big fireplace (now with Godin stove for practical purposes) is essential, as are large section open ceiling beams, hand-made quarry tiles, and not a single wall built with a plumb-line.

Outside, the chocky-box concept continues. Vegetables in the garden, sawn logs in the wood shed, fruit trees a-plenty.

No, I don't want a chateau, nor do I want a rambling old farmhouse. Just leave me in my cottage with a dog that smells of compost, a cat that brings live mice to my bedroom, and, of course, the luxury of our pool for those long hot summer days.
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  1. That looks nice, Cro. I must visit soon.

    Now you must do a post entitled, "What is Cottaging".

  2. I'd need to be back in Brighton for that!!


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