Wednesday 17 February 2010

I cannot express how jealous I am of the person who owns this fabulous building. It's the most iconic feature of our local 'agricultural' architecture; it is, of course, a Pigeon Tower.

These beautiful structures are found everywhere; often (if big enough) being converted into homes. They were originally built as practical farm accessories, much like pig sties or cow bays, but their absolute beauty stands them apart.

The example above is from close to Cahors, in the town of Lalbenque; the centre of the Truffle industry.

If we can ever find a builder, the Magnon's will build a small tower this year to act as a spare room. Sadly it won't have the allure of the above, but it'll probably be OK.


  1. Lovely building. It's funny how the English - who segregated animals from the domestic areas more than the French - used to have pigeon lofts, right over their bedrooms.

  2. And the Swedes (I hope Mrs M will excuse me) used to have their cattle beneath them. Imagine the pong!

  3. this is fabulous..I also just read your 'Reve de Luxe' post..thank you and are dead right, I would love a place in the south of France


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