Sunday 28 February 2010

The Cranes return.

I touched on this subject a while ago, but at the time I was obliged to use a stock photo.

I have just been summoned by the sound of the Cranes flying overhead. An incredible sound that made me rush outside (this time with my camera) as they swirled around re-fixing their bearings. After circling for a few seconds (amongst terrific noise) they headed due north; as they should.

I hope the picture above gives some idea of the spectacle. The wonderful accompanying sound I can do nothing about.

Sunday 28th Feb @ 6.00pm.
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  1. its that time of year! loved your comment on my blog about the bread and wine we had a nice laugh!

  2. Thanks Linda. I guarantee it used to work for us!

  3. I just googled "cranes flying overhead" and found your blog! I live in Michigan, and a whole flock of them flew over my house this a.m., in the snow, on the first day of spring. What a wonderful well-timed gift, as I stood (in the falling snow) dumping my used eggshells into my garden after Saturday morning breakfast! Thanks for your reflections & observations. Jill, in Midland, Michigan


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