Thursday 18 February 2010

Tautou totty?

I am unashamedly reprinting the paragraph below from my previous blog 'perigordlife/je t'adore 24'. It's really just an excuse to post a picture of the very beautiful Audrey Tautou.....

I think I’ve discovered a radical new way of appreciating women! You may well have seen a current TV advert’ for Chanel No5 perfume that involves an exceptionally attractive young woman in a train (Tautou), being pursued (quite rightly) by a handsome young man. During the advert’, the girl is seen RUNNING twice, and she has the sexiest RUN I’ve ever seen. I never imagined that I would describe a beautiful woman as having a ‘SEXY RUN’, but in her case I’m making an exception (actually her ‘run’ is part skip, part ballet, and part pheromone distribution); it’s just sensational! Am I getting old, or will I soon be noticing a sexy cough, a sexy limp, or even a sexy sneeze? I do hope so.


  1. Tautou is indeed exceptionally attractive like you say, Cro, but I have not yet forgiven her for the face-slappingly irritating, 'little girl' mischievous, conspiratorial, 'aren't I cute?', cheeky, close-up grin which was plastered over every poster for the film 'Amélie' when she first hit the British cinemas. It put me off for life, but I daresay I could be persuaded to pay some attention to her if she emailed me politely.

  2. Forget the Amelie posters, and look at the Chanel ad'. It was for exactly your reasons that I used the above picture and NOT the one that we all dislike.

    Still, I'm sure it wasn't HER decision to be promoted as a cute bimbo.

  3. OK, I'll give it a go. I notice that Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) is doing fashion shoots these days. This has come alarmingly close to the 'up-skirt' shot that I accidentally found on Google... Doesn't time fly?


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