Monday 8 February 2010

Tom Stephenson?

The question I'm most frequently being asked, is 'Who is Tom Stephenson?'

And if I wasn't about to answer that question, no doubt the next most popular question would be 'Why the picture of axes and gumboots?'

Tom and I go back to Art College days. Tom was a sculpture student, whilst Cro studied painting. Tom poured moulten bronze into small doll-torso moulds, whilst Cro chronicled the life of a fictitional Miss Swoon. Tom permanently wore gumboots (he's a veggie) and carried axes that were honed to cut-throat precision, whilst Cro drank prodigious amounts of beer and smoked un-tipped Gauloise fags.

Tom has his studio in the beautiful city of Bath, Somerset. He also writes an essential 'philosophical' blog, which I recommend unreservedly to everyone who 'thinks', or indeed has the capability of 'thinking'.
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  1. Thanks for that, Cro. I was pretty much a vegan in those days, and you couldn't non-leather footwear apart from gum-boots. These days, I tend to wear £300, Crockett and Jones shoes. I was a bit obsessed with sharp felling axes, and I used to cast bronze-age style ones as well as dollies. We seemed to have reversed roles - these days I also smoke loads of fags and drink loads of beer.

  2. Good to hear that. I gave up fags yonks ago, but have a healthy appetite for vin rouge.

  3. There is a shop in Brighton (now, I think, with branches in London etc) that sells but Veggie shoes. It sports the frightfully waggish name of R Soles.

  4. That news is 35 years too late for me, I'm afraid. There are loads of shops that sell shoes that look (and probably taste) like veggie pasties now too. I like that shop's name, though.

    Tell us about your collection of interesting, dried dog-turds, Uncle Cro - GO ON PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!

  5. I've just started reading Tom's blog. Thinking too- now that will require multi tasking...!

  6. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.


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