Friday 12 February 2010

The End?

Cro turns his back on 'Perigordlife/je t'adore 24' and heads off on his newer adventure which is 'Magnon's meanderings'.

May I proffer my huge gratitude to all those who've followed me over the years, and especially to all of you who've contacted me via Email.

Cro is dead; long live Cro; long live Magnon's meanderings.
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  1. Maybe. But I need to refill my venom and bile. For the moment Cro becomes kind to children, tolerant of priests, and accepting of the relentless dumbing. Castration or wot?

  2. Maybe, when you are having your venom and bile topped up, they could squirt a bit of British spunk into your tanks too? Then you could effortlessly cast pearls before swine without falling into a swoon at the very thought? Just a suggestion...


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