Tuesday 9 February 2010

The Great Barrier Reef.

Mrs Magnon leaves for a six week stay in Australia. She will be staying with our daughter who lives just a boomerang's throw from The Great Barrier Reef. Mrs M intends to make a close study of sharks, sea snakes, and box-jellyfish; all of which are in plentiful supply. Safe swimming Mrs M.

p.s. If your computer is the same as mine, it will show that the above was posted on Monday the 8th at 22.52pm. In fact it was posted on Tuesday the 9th at about 8.00am. If anyone knows how or where I change the settings; please let me know. I've looked everywhere!


  1. The reason that your post is set earlier than actuality is probably because you saved it as a draft on an earlier date, Cro. What I do if I want the posts to appear in chronological order is to copy the draft, then delete it, then make a new post using the copy - laborious but it's the only way I can get it to work.

    I hope Mrs M has a good time with the sharks, etc. Don't worry, like the boomerang, she'll be back.

  2. Thanks. I'll give that a go. I'm not so sure about the 'she'll be back', she keeps being propositioned by Aboriginals.

  3. I've found it! It was under 'settings' and 'formatting'. I was in Pacific Time. Should work now.

  4. Ah - on both counts. I'm sure the film 'Walkabout' is still fresh in her mind, after all these years...

  5. Oh how lovely for her, it is so beautiful up there..and yes very dangerous in the water, depending on where she is there is a risk of a rogue crocodile as well which makes swimming truely frightening when you have to watch out for crocs, sharks and box jellyfish..

    Also, its really easy to schedule your blog for any time in the future or past when you are posting- just change setting at bottom of post when you do a new post, under 'posting options' at bottom just select whatever date and time you want it to post (saves having to copy and delete) and means you can post things in advance or all at once and they will automatically appear at the time/date you specify.

  6. Thanks Maiden, I'll try that.

    Did you ever get to see the painting 'Reve de Luxe' that I posted? Maybe you DID and thought better of making a comment.

    I believe there are Crocks in the river where Mrs M will be staying!!


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