Saturday 27 February 2010

A poem.

Little lifeless pond
that comes and goes
why don't you
rest awhile, and
make a world.

Let amoeba come
and put down root.
Then in a million years
aquatic life
will think, and love,
and die, like us,
a world within a world

I've written 'poetry' since my earliest memories, but have never considered making it public. Now, behind the anonymity of my sobriquet, I offer this wee ode that was written about a tiny indoor pond, that would suddenly arrive, then disappear; seemingly without logic.

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  1. Thank you Serge. I'm still a bit reticent about posting such things, but what the hell!

  2. Beautiful. I look forward to reading more. Maybe one day I'll be inspired to post some of my poetry.

  3. Go for it, Potty. And thank you.

  4. Only joking. I just wondered what the most inappropriate thing I could say after you had opened yourself out, that might make you laugh too. I like it.


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