Thursday 11 February 2010

Blogs, blogging, and bloggers.

I'm a a novice when it comes to computers; always discovering something new (usually things that others have been aware of since birth).

I've recently noticed, in the taskbar above my blog page, the words 'Blog suivant'. Usually I don't like to click on things that sound as if they could wipe my laptop clean, but I threw caution to the winds and clicked away.

There is a strange world out there, of which I was totally unaware. Continuous clicking on 'Blog suivant' led me into the homes of private happy families, tales of extreme tragedy, bizarre religious beliefs, and, most of all, into the lives of young mothers and their babies.

Happy, joyous looking, blogs with underlying insecurity, arrive like London busses. The absence of the extended family means that young women are secretly turning to their laptops in droves, in order to hear confirmation from cyber-friends that they are doing a wonderful job.

The scenario is often the same. A highly decorated page, an eclectic profile, various pictures of marshmallow babies, a few saccarin words of coo-ing, then (wait for it) hundreds of 'comments' from invisible cyber-mums (moms) all coo-ing in echo.

So, now I need to justify my own activities. A few years back I tried to find a publisher for a book about France. Not having a 40DD chest, or having been some overnight success 'Celeb', I naturally failed in my quest. I think it was my youngest son who first mentioned the word 'Blog', and the rest, as they say, is anonymity.
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  1. Having just posted the above, I decided to have another go at 'Blog suivant'. Instantly I came across a woman from Idaho who'd lost her keys.

  2. There's a fine line between it being easy to identify with, and just plain ordinary innit, Cro? It's all very well asking someone to climb inside one's head, but they're not going to stay there for long if all they find is the same old stuff as they experience every day. But there again, if they cannot identify with it at all, then they're going to get just as bored, just as quick. I reckon it's all down to wrapping paper. As far as literary agents go, it's all down to PR and the efficiency of their distributors.


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