Friday 26 February 2010

Chateau de Montcléra.

This small chateau is about 10 Kms from our cottage. There are, of course, chateaux everywhere in France, but the Chateau de Montcléra is simply perfect. It is stunningly beautiful, of manageable size, and set in a tiny roadside hamlet surrounded by a small park.

It's a private home, and I don't know the people who live there. But if it ever comes up for sale, Mrs Magnon and I will do our utmost to raise the necessary.

I've owned large houses, very large houses, and several small houses (our present home in France is tiny). But I think that a 'compact' medieval chateau, in this beautiful part of S W France, would surpass just about anything. WE WANT IT.
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  1. I don't blame you, Cro. Just outside Bath, there is a converted medieval building called Hinton Priory, and I've lusted after that for about 35 years. The owners are reclusive and security conscious, so I've only glimpsed it through the trees.

  2. I want it!! I would venture to say it has a resident ghost or two.

    (love the word "scallywags" in your previous post, btw)

  3. Sadly, we ALL want it. I continue to dream.

    Willow, it's a word that demands revival!

  4. I want it too. I can only hope that you get it.


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