Saturday 6 February 2010

The Generous Earth.

I was given this book back in 1970 by a neighbour in the UK. Two years later I moved to France, and have continued living in the area it describes for the past 37 years; well over half my life. Anyone interested in S W France should try to get hold of a copy (it HAS been re-printed); it makes an interesting comparison to today's PĂ©rigord, even though the book itself does now cost a little more than five bob.
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  1. Sadly, I think there is a fatigue brought about by the publication of later books like 'A year in Provence', 'A Bloody Lifetime in Tuscany - or so it Felt', etc. which might mean that your gem may go unheeded for another generation or two, until Brits get to reclaim their own peasant cottages.

    'The Edge of the World', by Robert Powell (not the best of his films) might - eventually - get St Kilda resettled by creatutres other than gulls soon, but I don't think in my lifetime.

    Sorry, Cro - I'm ranting now and I must go to bed. It's just so nice to see someone writing about stuff that I really identify with!

  2. That wretched 'Year in Provence' book changed everything. In '72 we were alone. Now we are part of 'The English Community'. Had Mayle written 'A year in Cleethorpes' I think it too would have become 'Fashionable'. C'est la vie.

  3. Hi Roger, I found a used copy of This Generous Earth on Amazon and have ordered it. It is exactly the same as your photo. Serge.

  4. A rare find. I hope it didn't cost more than the re-print.


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