Saturday 20 February 2010

An ENGLISH classic?

Don't the Italians harp on about food. According to them, everyone in the world who isn't pure-bred Italian prepares everything wrongly, pronounces everything wrongly, and is generally a gastro-ignoramus.

Take the famous Bolognese sauce (ragu) for example. Every Italian will tell you that it HAS to be served with Tagliatelli, and the pasta HAS to be added to the sauce before serving. Never the other way round.

Luckily the English were there to improve matters. We looked at it, liked the idea, and altered it. Much better, we thought, to serve the sauce with Spaghetti, and to serve it placed on top. Voila; Spaghetti Bolognese (now an English classic) was born.


  1. Spag Bol - as British as Vindaloo! German Jews invented Fish & Chips though, as far as I can make out.

  2. Dare I say this, but before the French invented Foie gras, the Brits were force-feeding chickens with wheat. The resulting livers, allegedly, suffered the same results.

    And as for Champagne.....

  3. As for Champagne, I reckon you cannot get better that the Blanquette from Limoux (the same region as the Pinot Noir scandal) when compared to a 100 quid bottle of champers. It was - after all - invented by the monks there in the now ruined monastary?

  4. There are rumours that the production (and bottling) method is actually an English invention.

    Probably best to keep quiet about that one.


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