Sunday 14 February 2010

St Jock's Day?

In memory of Jock Veitch who died in April 2009.

I did several drawings of my old friend Jock (he was an excellent sitter). The one above may not be the best of the batch, but it's my favourite.

It's just 10 months since Jock left us, and I'm posting this on his birthday (St Valentine's Day) simply to demonstrate that he'll not be forgotten.

RIP Jocko, we'll all be along in time.
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  1. Anyone wishing to know more about Jock can do so courtesy of Google.

  2. Happy birthday Jock. I remember you vividly.

  3. A really nice drawing, Cro. I wasn't too aware of Jock, but - looking at this portrait - it is obvious that you knew him well.

  4. Jock was a journalist. Sydney/New York. The only person I've ever known who knew EVERYONE worth knowing.


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