Tuesday 9 March 2010

Freddie. But, then again, not.

The picture above is NOT of our cat, Freddie, but most tabby's look pretty much the same, and apart from the white patches, this could almost be him.

Freddie, like most cats, just loves the cut and thrust of a night-time mouse-safari. Unfortunately he then brings his prey up into our bedroom; alive, half-alive, or dead.

Usually it's a matter of ME having to get up, and whack the poor little thing (the mouse) to make sure it's dead, before I either launch it out of the Velux window, or take it outside. This can happen SEVERAL times a night.

Of course, a cat is paid (in food and lap-time) to rid a house, or surrounding area, of mice, and in the countryside there is no shortage. So I cannot scold him; he's simply doing his job. It's just that I wish he'd leave his catch outside!

Mrs Magnon has been away in Australia since February the 10th (and will not return until the 24th), and I'm almost disturbed to report that Freddie has not brought one single mouse up to the bedroom since she's been away. Does this mean he thinks of HER as the senior human, and not ME? And all these mice he brings in as offerings are for HER?

I'll be having some serious words with our Freddie; and let him know who's the real boss around here!
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  1. My studio (oh all right then, workshop) has been remarkably free of mice recently. I found out why the other day, when I saw Mr Weasel wandering along the tool shelf...

  2. Years ago I saw a weasel going into the bank behind the house. No sign of him since. Lovely little creatures. You should think yourself lucky!

  3. It just means that he doesn't have to prove that he's protecting YOU!

  4. http://cheezburger.com/view.aspx?ciid=6782345

  5. We've had a few weasels going into banks here whilst you've been living it up in France, Cro...

  6. what a wonderful kitty,I think your incredibley lucky! weasels scare me and eat my chickens.... Mrs. Cro. should be very flattered .

  7. I know he keeps a ferret in his trousers, Linda.


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