Monday 1 March 2010

Grey skies.

There's nothing more beautiful, in nature, that a sun-lit landscape with a dark slate-grey sky.

We have our fair-share here in southern France, where the summer storms can be both spectacular and violent. Our mid-August storms are possibly the most predictable, and herald the end of summer's hottest weather.

Our weather usually comes from the west, and as the dark clouds gather behind a ridge of tall pines, we know that within minutes the 'son et lumiere' firework display will begin.

Houses are struck, beasts are killed, trees are felled. Even so, there is great beauty in the destructive ability of these storms, and, bizarrely, life here wouldn't be quite the same without them.
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  1. We've been hearing about Cynthia, Cro. This morning I heard that water had broken through Cedar Fences in France, and I thought, "What do they expect?" Then I realised they meant Sea Defences.

  2. I like it! Rather like Four Candles, n'est pas?

    50 dead. Luckily I am not amongst them.

  3. I love this photo. My favorite kind of sky!


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