Tuesday 30 March 2010

Encouraged Rhubarb.

I don't normally touch my rhubarb until it's fully grown and asking to be picked.

This year, however, I spotted some early pink buds up at Haddock's, and decided to place some large black upturned tree-pots (giant flower-pots) over them, to encourage an early crop.

I know it's usually refered to as 'forced rhubarb', but personally I like to think of it as 'gently encouraged'.

As you can probably see, it was totally free from those annoying little slug bites, and was so tender that it cooked (in a splash of orange juice) in a matter of seconds.


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  1. And I see you've up-graded from Opinel.

  2. Ah, rhubarb! It's just started showing up in the grocery stores here, at $4 a pound. Yikes. I remember when my dad grew it in abundance.

    I've a hankering for some strawberry-rhubarb pie with just a touch of orange zest. Perhaps on Easter Sunday....

  3. Rhubarb cake is calling my name. ((drool))

  4. I'm going to have to try that Cro. I need rhubarb for Jims birthday on the 14th. Tradition has it that he needs a rhubarb pie on that day. thanks!

  5. Oh, man! I have to try that. I've been watching my rhubbarb like a hawk....waiting for my strawberry-rhubarb pie!

    And from the other comments on your blog, I can see that I'm not the only one.


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