Monday, 22 March 2010

Plum blossom.

Behind our fish pond and fountain is a wild-ish plum tree. Its fruit is small and round, deep-red skinned, and red-fleshed. It is not an eating plum as such, but when slightly sweetened makes wonderful jam, chutney, and sauce.
A friend from Australia (who presented an Aussie TV gardening programme) once called it a 'bird plum'; I wouldn't know what to call it, I just think of it as being 'semi-wild'. Whatever its variety, it produces huge amounts of fruit annually, and is an 'essential' in any garden where one has the space.
Being a 'Prunus' it is always the first tree in the garden to flower, and for that alone its place is merited.

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  1. I recall a similar plum tree in the yard where I grew mother turned her nose up at them, and instead attended to the three Italian prune trees. (Whose name, if I'm not mistaken, has been recently revised to Italian plum.Ha!)

  2. This afternoon I found 6 dead goldfish floating on the surface of the pond. That leaves 6 living. I shall be keeping a close eye on their welfare!

  3. Anything to do with the plums, Cro?

  4. No idea. I suspect 'Son of the Manse' McBrown.


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