Wednesday 3 March 2010

Thin Lizzie.

Photo by: M Serge Philippe.

Yesterday afternoon the temperature rose to 15 degrees C, tempting even the little Common Wall Lizards (Podarcis muralis) out of their homes, and into the sunshine.

With the sudden appearance of these charming creatures (as well as yet another HUGE fly-past of noisy Cranes), it looks like spring is definitely on its way.

N.B. Some idea of the sound of the Cranes may be heard at

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  1. Nice crane footage. I've only ever seen them once, quietly paddling around on the banks of the Elbe, near Hamburg. Re Thin Lizzie (sort of), the late Phil Lynot's daughter lives here, just outside Bath. What a beauty she is.

  2. I'd take this Thin Lizzie over a Tin Lizzie any day!

  3. Didn't Leslie Crowther's daughter marry PL? I seem to remember a lot of angst about his habits etc. If their daughter is such a beauty, it must be thanks to her mother!

  4. You might be right, Cro. Mr Crowther lived here too.

  5. Cro, sorry I misled you, after talking to my hubby he said yes they can be grown in the house, no sun is needed and you spritz them like you would a plant! glad spring is coming your way!


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