Saturday 6 March 2010

The wrong man?

I think there's been a mistake!

I've received a letter, from our village Mayor, inviting me to a 'Repas des Ainés' (an oldies banquet) for tomorrow (Sunday).

They've even sent me the menu.....

Bouillon poule au vermicelles
Paté de chevreuil & crudités
Poule au pot farcie et legumes
Salade - Fromage
Poire belle Hélene

Well, I've just been talking to my neighbour, who is an elected councillor, and he told me that they'd spent all of yesterday morning plucking chickens (no supermarket rubbish here), so I suppose I'd better accept their invitation. I just hope that no-one notices the sprightly, and youthful, imposter in the midst of the other 90 or so elderly diners. Anyway, the menu sounds terrific!
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  1. Sounds great - have fun, old Coq!

  2. it sounds divine..with my limited French I understood the majority of the menu however I haved not heard of Poire Belle Helene- is this some amazing French dessert with pears I am missing out on???

  3. Pears poached in syrup, then doused in chocko sauce. A real classic. Off to your stove Maiden. Bon chance, Cro.

  4. Better than the invitation to a "Living at Home safely" meeting for seniors that I received the other day. (and me still a spring chicken!!!!!!!!)

  5. Thanks for making me smile! Some young clerk at the store the other day called me "deary" a word that should only be used if your 80 or over.Darn, I wished I'd had the nerve to say that. Enjoy the chickens!

  6. That should be a 'sacking' offence, Linda.

    Only a few hours now, and I officially become an oldie; according to the French anyway.

  7. You would probably consider me still a baby, but I got my first "ma'am" the other day from a young college student working in the check out line. I was less than flattered.


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