Tuesday 11 May 2010

Sugar and spice, and all things nice...

This rather battered photograph hangs on our wall at the cottage. It was taken in June 1954 at the embassy in Washington.

Churchill was making some very important speech, and was accompanied by Sir Anthony Eden (who I think was Foreign Secretary).

Unfortunately most of the media attention was focused on the small girl sitting against the pillar. No doubt she was extremely bored, and was getting up to all sorts of mischief.

So dear friends, who was that naughty little girl?

Well, you knew all the time, didn't you! It was indeed our own dear Lady Magnon. Winston was not amused!

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  1. Great picture - much better than the one of Margaret Thatcher sitting at the feet of Harold MacMillan!

  2. What a compelling picture! I'm so intrigued. More details please!

  3. Willow. There are no more details, other than to say that my late father-in-law had been posted there. Our man in..... etc

  4. Oh great, love it! Though these days, someone would say you photoshopped her in there. I'm taking your word for it.

  5. It's her all right. Trouble from the word GO.

  6. She looks a very well behaved sweet little girl to me


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