Saturday 29 May 2010


I know almost NOTHING about flowers. I'm a fruit-n-veg' guy. Even so, I'm responsible for the design and upkeep of the garden, and to my eyes, it looks OK.

At this time of year the Weigelas are in flower, and I really love them. At present I have just the three varieties above, but I intend to obtain more.

I don't know their names (I'd probably forget them anyway), as they all came my way by the traditional method of secretly stealing cuttings. I shall be on the look-out for more in the next week or so; anything I find that looks different to the ones above will end up as a cutting in my pocket.

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  1. They are delightful - we have a variegated one but unfortunately it is past its use by date with a lot of die-back and very woody - most likely planted in 1973 when the house was built. Hopefully I will find a piece that is good enough to take a cutting and get some from the neighbourhood.

  2. They have a special sort of police in Kew Gardens, looking out for people like you. Weigela sounds like an anagram.

  3. They are very pretty! I like the darker shade of pink the best.

  4. Actually, the top one is the most spectacular in the garden.

  5. Oh, their lovely! I do flowers, like you Jim does fruit and vegs. He admires my flowers but sad to say he has no respect for them.


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