Thursday 20 May 2010


People who know me in 'real life', will be aware that this subject matter has followed me through my 'career'; man and boy.

I must have drawn and painted this simple subject hundreds of times, and I recently came across this little sketch in a dusty old portfolio; I have a feeling that it was the VERY FIRST one I did, and probably dates from my college days.

Keen dancers may spot something odd in the drawing....

Lady Magnon attended a rather exclusive girls school (no nasty boys). So when dancing was taught, SOMEONE had to be the boy. It seems that Lady M took to her 'boy' role, with rather more flourish than was decent, and she picked up the habit of 'leading'. She still occasionally tries to when we take to the floor!

Anyway, when I started doing these 'dance' drawings and paintings, I thought it fun to make reference to Lady M and her predeliction for the MALE role.

And NO, she's not taking up 'hammer-throwing'.

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  1. Do you remember the night we danced naked in the house of one of the teachers at Art School Cro? (I must point out to the others that we each had our own partner of the opposite sex...)

  2. I try not to think about that evening too much, but then again....

  3. Cro - sorry i shouldn't laugh but i'm sitting here having a fit of hysterics!

  4. I like the female dancer's hair.

  5. The early drawings are so fun! Thanks for giving me an idea for my post today. I was feeling a tad dry but think I'll go dig something up! You're a buddy!

  6. Molly. If you hadn't laughed, I would have been upset!


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