Saturday 22 May 2010

Teaching is so rewarding.

"See that one Ollie, that's Papilio Machaon, also known as the Common Swallowtail. And that one with the yellow wing edges is Nymphalis Antioipa; the Camberwell Beauty".

"And what's that one Harv'?"

"A very good question, Ollie. It's a Large White, sometimes known as a Cabbage White. That's the one that makes Grumpy's blood boil when he sees them up at Haddock's".

Two of my grandsons, Harvey J and Ollie, having a day out at The Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.

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  1. gosh their cute little guys...don't ya just love em!

  2. How did I miss this one before the latest post. Lovely photo, Cro. Proud Grumpy and quite rightly!

  3. Oh, what lovely grandchildren! Lucky you!


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