Saturday, 22 May 2010

Teaching is so rewarding.

"See that one Ollie, that's Papilio Machaon, also known as the Common Swallowtail. And that one with the yellow wing edges is Nymphalis Antioipa; the Camberwell Beauty".

"And what's that one Harv'?"

"A very good question, Ollie. It's a Large White, sometimes known as a Cabbage White. That's the one that makes Grumpy's blood boil when he sees them up at Haddock's".

Two of my grandsons, Harvey J and Ollie, having a day out at The Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.

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  1. gosh their cute little guys...don't ya just love em!

  2. How did I miss this one before the latest post. Lovely photo, Cro. Proud Grumpy and quite rightly!

  3. Oh, what lovely grandchildren! Lucky you!


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