Friday 21 May 2010


Lady Magnon has recently been extremely busy; she's discovered a new talent, and has become a cat whisperer & hypnotist.

She's been practising on Freddie (our tabby cat), and her results, so far, are interestingly varied. Mostly he just slopes off somewhere for a quiet sleep, but occasionally he gives in to her insistant demands, and lies down on his back on her whisperer's couch.

Once she has his undivided attention, she waves something in front of him (a strand of wool is a favourite), and insists that he fall asleep. Then, as soon as her back's turned, he slopes off again.

Lady Magnon is quite pleased with her progress, and is already planning clinics in London, Paris, Rome, and New York. So if you've got a moggy that needs whispering to, or putting to sleep (careful, Cro), then she's your gal.


  1. I don't know how long I have been looking at this post Cro, but I've just woken up with the strange urge to send you all my money in a brown envelope.

  2. Look into my eyes....

    (The eyes are supposed to blink. Try clicking on image) Then, look into my eyes...

  3. I'm really tired now, and I just woke up.

    Hey, did I ever tell you this is the Best Blog Ever? It is!

    Well, Goodnight.

  4. You are right! Those eyes stare at you in the same way as the ones on my blog! What a coincidence!


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