Monday 10 May 2010


This is our sitting room (or part of it). I've previously posted a picture of the fireplace, three posts ago, and people have asked to see more. It's nothing special.

Homeowners (ex-pats) in this part of the world often ask you on a first visit, if you would like to look around their home. I always reply 'no thank you'.

Anyway, this is 'chez nous'. The small niche was my doing. Previously there had been a large cupboard that filled half the wall, so I cut some stones with chamfered edges, and reduced the size to what you see now. The painting 'Odette' is from 1997. Odette was a Parisian lesbian zen-buddhist; she was also my lovely next door neighbour. She used to admonish me for wasting time mushroom hunting, when I should have been painting. The painting was my reply. (Sorry, you can only see part of it. On second thoughts, it's probably a good thing).

The dresser is made of very solid beech. I bought it at an auction sale in Shropshire about 40 years ago; it cost a staggering £5. The lamp base started life as the cap of a banister newel post, and cost nothing. The green chair was about to be burnt and I saved it; maybe I shouldn't have.

Post Scriptum: On the other side of the room is something much more interesting. I shall post that in a couple of days.

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  1. There's a touch of the 'Charleston' about your room Cro, and I find the glimpse of the glasses in the niche tantalising. Parisian, lesbian zen-buddist??? If she had read my account of a mushroom-hunt, she might have realised that it has as much to do with meditation for us as painting. Can't wait for the other view.

  2. Odette hated people 'scratching about' in the woods. She, and her friend, were quite special.

  3. What a characterful room. I like the lamp base. I love looking round other people's houses but I guess it's a girl thing. (I'm Sue by the way, Paul is my OH.) I'm just a nosy cow.

    Are all painters/artists easily distracted? Or just waiting for inspiration?

  4. No Sue, we're all easily-distrated gourmets!

  5. Love looking around others houses(especially European)I know I'm nosey but really it gives you a feel of people and then there are always ideas so thanks for showing us around Cro.

  6. It's very eclectic and artsy, and I love that! And I like the painting—what I can see of it, that is.


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