Saturday 1 May 2010

Jock's May day ode.

I've posted this drawing of my old friend, Jock, once before. But no May day can pass without everyone who knew him thinking of his little ode, and my drawing of him just has to accompany it.

Hooray, hooray,
The first of May,
Outdoor f***ing
Starts today.

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  1. But you can 'feed the chickens' all year round.

  2. Stunning drawing, Cro - lyrical and a little tough at the same time.

  3. Hi Claire; Welcome. Thanks for your kind comment. You may like to know that Jock is Jock Veitch; a Kiwi. You can Google him.

  4. I love the drawing. It isn't your fault that he looks a little like Andy Rooney. And his little poem . . . right. Have a nice Saturday!

  5. Amy. I had to look him up and you're right, there is a similarity. Mostly the eyebrows!

  6. Cro I loved the picture out your window its so beautiful, what lovely countryside you have!

  7. Hi Cro - thanks for enlightening me. Google reveals a talented and generous man, and the photographs I saw of him suggest you have captured Jock Veitch down to a -t. Especially his splendid eyebrows!


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