Saturday 15 May 2010

Ah, the love of poverty!

I've no idea when or where this photograph was taken, but it just proves that my parents were FRIGHTFULLY POOR, and couldn't afford to buy me a swimming costume! Nor did we have a Rolls Royce, a tennis court, or an indoor pool. Life was tough back in those days!

It's also good to see that my ample paunch is a congenital condition. Another sign of dreadful poverty.

Yesterday I heard some radio presenter ranting-on about how proud he was of his poor, working-class, and uneducated background. Poverty is highly revered in certain parts of Britain (mostly the north), as personified by this classic comedy sketch

If the link above doesn't work (which is quite likely), go to 'youtube' and search for 'Original 4 Yorkshiremen sketch'.

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  1. That's funny - I don't remember Marty Feldman being in that sketch. I like your farmer's tan too, Cro.

  2. When the 'Pythons' did it several years later, he wasn't a member of the team. You're probably thinking of that version. Just as good, of course!

    Yes, the tan is classic too.

  3. What is poor? So many people would give their right arms for a loving family around them. We don't have a private jet either or own a string of race horses. We won't have a holiday abroad again and we just about scrape by on the pension we're getting, but I wouldn't change one second of my life. You have a loving family, a whole host of good friends and a great little place. Cro, that's not poor! Have a good day, Molly

  4. That was partly my point, Molly. The word 'poverty' is bandied about so much that it has almost become meaningless. All poverty is relative. In the UK you're considered 'poor' if you don't have every luxury available, whereas in certain other countries you're lucky to have one set of clothes and a plastic begging bowl. The 4 Yorkshiremen said it so much better than me!

  5. Uh-oh. Sand in the butt. (you were just too cute)


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