Sunday 1 May 2011

The Fountain (Garden).

The fountain's stopped working. The fish have all died. And Cro has become both pissed-off and slightly depressed.

The perfect combination of events to force a radical decision. So I've filled-in the old fish pond with earth, and we now have a mini 'small plant' garden instead of murky water. The birds and animals have a drinking bowl instead of a water-lily encrusted quagmire.

All seems OK. Freddie (our cat) discovered the new water supply very quickly, but I have yet to see a bird drinking there; although signs suggest that they have been.

For the moment I've just bunged in any small plants that I could find (plus a few that I bought), and am hoping that they will spread. I know nothing of garden plants, so I go with the 'trial and error' method. My main objective, eventually, is for thick tufts of aubretia to tumble down over the front, and the rest to be a mass of ground-hugging flowers; only time will tell.

In the bottom right corner are two discus shaped stones; one large, one small. These are two fosilised bivalves that I found nearby. No doubt several million years ago, my house would have been under water..... but with 'oysters' (or similar) like that on hand, I don't think I'd have complained too much.


  1. Hello:
    A first rate idea, in our view, to be rid of the pond. After all, you never know what is going on at the bottom [a bit like the woodshed, come to that].

    By the time the plants establish it will become something decorative, rather than dismal. We wonder if Freddie will miss trying to scoop out the fish.

  2. Pissed off and slightly depressed? Surely not. My 'gardener' is suicidal because wireworm have eaten all the recently planted garlic bulbs. Very pretty little plant garden. At least Monty won't be able to fall in!

  3. Looks like that will be a really nice area when it all grows ,looks like the Herons will go hungry,glad you survived the wedding!

  4. Sorry your fish went belly up Cro. The new garden looks lovely, though, and at least you are providing water for the birds.

  5. I think you did a great job, and change is good for the soul. I like it.

  6. You've done a good makeover, Cro - all the plants you've put in look happy!


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