Saturday, 30 April 2011

Exclusive Wedding Pictures!

Well, we're back from the wedding, and as promised here are a couple of pictures. Firstly the happy couple, just about to leave for their honeymoon; don't they look radiant!

And for all you foodies out there, this was the cake. Not really traditional, but a tasty alternative to the 'push-in-face' cakes made from sugar, flour, sugar, eggs, sugar, more sugar, and butter.

It was good to see so many blogger friends there too. We spotted Tom Stephenson exchanging punches with his mate Chicken John, and in the front row was Molly with her friends from the US, Amy Saia and Linda. There seemed to be an Aussie contingent in the middle seats, we noticed Carole and Little Stalky both waving miniature star dotted flags, and from Canada came Jacqueline and her sister Victoria who jointly shared the 'most original hat' prize. There was also a surprise visit from Budapest, with Jane and Lance appearing in full Hungarian traditional national costumes (hmm, interesting).  And I'm sure I spotted Willow, assisted by T Clear, handing out early invitations for her September Ball (I think she may have invited Bristol based Eva to be guest singer). 

The French contingent was surprisingly small; just us and two Sue's; one of whom seemed to be in Piggy Heaven.

Gosh, aren't weddings fun.


  1. Hello:
    But they removed our Kalashnikov rifles at the door of Westminster Abbey, so the whole trip turned out to be completely pointless!

  2. I'm sure for the next couple of weeks all we will see on Canadian TV new is clips of THE wedding, clips of THE reception, clips of THE departure for THE honeymoon, clips of THE honeymoon, clips of THE return from THE honeymoon and then daily reports of what THE newlyweds are doing today. Yawn!!!! The problem with weddings end up married.

  3. I'm a little sick of the wedding, but not as sick as I'd be if I ate any of that cake. Blech!

  4. I like the official portrait, but that cake.. I agree with Amy about that. sp

  5. I'm so glad you appreciated our joint hat original don't you think?

  6. "Duck.. duck.. MEERCAT!" (That's the noise you make after eating the cake, Amy.

  7. Nothing like a good wedding! The happy couple look radiant!


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