Sunday 22 May 2011

Arrow Slit Window.

The interior work on the 'tower' has been temporarily halted, due to my incapacity; but I shall return to work on Monday.

This photo is piss-poor. However, this is roughly how my faux-medieval-arrow-slit-window looks from the inside. It's now glazed, and really does have a genuinely ancient look about it.

The window faces due east and, as intended, the morning sun throws interesting patterns of light on both the floor and wall.

I offer no prizes for observations about the above!
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  1. Hi Cro, I can only imagine what a great feeling it gives you and Lady M each time you look at the features of your building.I do hope that your arm is now ready for action and you can enjoy being active again..take care this time and be safe!

  2. Hello:
    No apology should be made for something as wonderful as this. It is truly magnificent and exactly the kind of thing we should wish to have.

    As for the reflection......well, perfect. Now all you need to hand is boiling oil against the invading hoardes - led by us!!

  3. It's beautiful Cro. What are you going to use the tower for (besides just being beautiful to look at)? It would make a great meditation room.

  4. It looks wonderful, Cro - I hope you didn't glaze it after the swallows had taken up residence...


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