Friday 20 May 2011

The New (Old) Séchoir.

For those who've not ventured into such secretive enclaves, this is the interior of a bog-standard French tobacco drying barn.
The complete stems of tobacco were suspended from wires (on two levels) and left to dry in a haphazardly-controlled current of air; the weight of the plants was enormous. In winter, the barns were then used for the stripping and sorting of the leaves, before sending them off to the state buyers; in our case, to Bergerac. The tobacco eventually ending-up as those Gauloises or Gitanes fags, so evocative of France.

We have recently acquired the above barn, and will probably put in an upstairs floor, with loo, shower, and window, to make a very large studio/workshop area. The whole barn measures 20 by 7 metres; effectively giving us 280 square metres of extra usable space.

The growing of tobacco has now all but finished in this area. Developers must be rubbing their hands.

p.s. Some barmy American smart-arse 'preacher' (something Evans?) has declared that the world will end tomorrow. So goodbye everyone; it's been great knowin' y'all...... I'll see you again when he's gone!
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  1. Hello:
    This is truly magnificent and what a wonderful work space, or anything else come to that, it will make.

    We once had moved to our garden, as was, a C19 Waiting Room from a burial ground which we then used as an office. Such projects are enormous fun and keep redundant buildings going and with a purpose.

  2. In NC, when tobacco farms changed, huge hog farms replaced them. Driving through these areas is a test to ones sense of smell. It is gawd awful.
    Your barn is fabulous. Perhaps a place for me to stay while I swim in your pool! Cro's Resort. lolol

  3. You just don't smell those acrid old Gitanes in France any omre - they used to sum the place up for me. (oh and goodbye - see you in the afterlife, if I am allowed in by the preacher)

  4. I put in about 40 years service to Gauloises. People used to say that when they visited my house in Brighton, it was like being in France.

  5. The end of the world? Well, if it is, it is. I've enjoyed the visit.
    Your new building looks fabulous. Here in Ontario we have tobacco farms but our drying houses are much smaller.

  6. Can you still smell the tobacco in the barn Cro?...can't imagine it ever really going away.
    Looks like a fabulous space...just wait til the grandsons start exploring it!

  7. It's beautiful. WT's ancestors were tobacco farmers in Missouri.

  8. It's very clean and airy. Congrats on purchasing it, and can't wait to see how it shapes into a studio.

  9. Google seems to be eating my comments. I posted one and it's gorn. Anyway what I wanted to say is - I think the barn looks great, let us know how the work progresses.


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