Monday 30 May 2011

Flower Pots?

Certain objects become so commonplace, that one forgets that, to others, they might be of interest.

These very roughly fashioned pots are to be found almost everywhere in the pine woods. They are made of terracotta, with a simple glazed interior. So, what are they?

In the not too distant past, the whole of the south west corner of France was thick with pine trees; these were tapped for resin that was then distilled to make turpentine. Nowadays much cheaper substitutes are manufactured, making the tapping of pine resin almost redundant.

The pots above were strapped to the trees beneath a simple galvanised strip of metal, and the resin ran into them, rather like latex or (I imagine) maple syrup, from a cut in the trunk.

Now they're mostly just left to rot, other than a few that get made into rustic garden candles. I've drilled holes in a few to make flower pots, but they're really a bit small. Any suggestions?

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  1. You could tie some string to them and hang them as wind chimes!!!

  2. Hello:
    They are absolutely lovely. If you had the time, patience and inclination, then you could build an Auricula Theatre for which these would be perfect.

    Otherwise, just collect them and use upturned as a path edging.

  3. Wind chimes! I like it. They stopped selling these as candle-holders in the UK a few years ago, because several people burnt their houses down when the candles ignited the resin which the pots were saturated with. It flares up like... er... well, turpentine!

  4. I like the idea of using them for path edging. Maybe out by your tower?
    We drill our maple trees, insert a spigot and hang a pail by the way. More modern procedure is a series of clear tubing from the trees to the sugar shacks. I kid you not.
    Oh...maybe you could break some up, paint them and make a mosaic? (for your tower room)

  5. The wind chimes and path edging sound great ideas - sorry i don't have any more.

  6. now I would KILL for those pots
    one of my real love is old planters..( like tom loves old candlesticks)

  7. I have a large collection of flower pots; my husband says that I have an obsession for them. Can't help myself, I look at them as works of art.

    I have seen garden fountains made of pots that are about that size connected with pipe and tubing. Water drips from one to another (seen as many as 5) and then into a reservoir.

    Love MBJ's idea.


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