Tuesday 10 May 2011

They're At It Again.

This is the Catholic Bishop, Naughty Raymond Lahey.

He has recently been in the dock, having been caught at Ottawa airport with a computer full of child porn, and a suitcase containing a selection of bizarre 'sex toys'.

He's also up on a civil charge of sexual abuse against a minor from Newfoundland's infamous Mount Cashel Orphanage.

So, just another Catholic priest..... Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.


  1. Hello:
    Oh dear, we find this very depressing and oh so familiar reading. What can one say? Of course one thinks of the abused, and of children and young people coerced and trapped into all manner of things almost too appalling to contemplate.

    And one thinks of the man himself which is in no way at all to excuse the horrendous [in our view] crimes which it is alleged he has committed.

  2. About time The Catholic Church reviewed their employment terms and conditions.

  3. One of the reasons I am a former Catholic. From the top down, everyone knew this was going on and has been since man discovered what power can get him. There is no greater power than religion as we all fear death and they all promise eternal life. People had never questioned their religious leaders and knew only to listen and obey all that they said, especially the young and most vulnerable.

    As bad as these individuals are, the bigger sin is the church letting it happen. They were there to protect their flock, not throw them to the wolves.

  4. SO. I've written about this subject on numerous occasions, and I agree with you. The bosses know excatly what's going on, but fail to act. The most they usually do is to move them on to pastures new; in the hope of goodness knows what!

  5. I recall, back in about 1971, the amiable assistant priest in our church suddenly being moved to a distant parish. The answer, when I asked my mother why, was, "oh, you know...."
    And the sad thing is that, even then, at my own naive age of 15, I did know. Everyone knew. And looked the other way.

  6. I've tried to figure out if it's celibacy that is causing this to happen, or if people who already have this sexual problem are drawn to the profession because the secret society being a priest seems to entail. I really do wonder. No matter what, the church needs to end celibacy. It's just not working.

  7. No matter how many times we read about these horrendous failings within the Catholic church, it still astounds and saddens that those who purport to teach and uphold the faith could so grievously distort and undermine it because of their own disgusting prurient interests. Small wonder that there are so many "recovering Catholics" in the world.

  8. Hi Cro, I think lots of these things happen because these men are after all just human beings yet asked to live the life of a saint. I do not know at which time they convince themselves that this type of behaviour is ok,I am sure it would not only be the Catholic church but then perhaps it is more prevalant in this church.Maybe confession is the thing that makes their concience clear,many priests here in Australia have been charged as well so maybe it is like an Old BOys Club and they just think its ok, well new times are arising and little children know they need not be afraid to tell Mum and Dad whats going on and the game is over!

    why on earth does the catholic faith attract these men...
    I despair

  10. Thanks everyone for leaving your poignant comments. It's a subject that will, no doubt, return, and I'll be there again when it does.


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