Tuesday 13 February 2024

Gazans Speaking Out Against Hamas

I have reminded myself on many occasions of the late Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat's, theft of $1.3 Billion from his own people. Truly disgusting behaviour by someone who courted the rich, famous, and powerful in order 'ostensibly' to help his fellow man; but instead funded his own lavish lifestyle.

Well it seems that as Palestinian leaders go, he was not alone. It has now been confirmed that the current crop of leaders are also stealing much of the international aid that arrives in Gaza. They hijack the lorries, and steal the contents. As a result, like Arafat before them, they are living luxurious lives with huge fancy apartments and fat foreign bank accounts. They buy their children fast cars and jeeps, and their wives are seen shopping in London, Paris, and Rome; not unlike Arafat's wife Suha.  

None of this is new. What is new, however, is that the residents of Gaza have had enough, and are beginning to show their anger (see video above). They want what has been given specifically to aid the people, and not watch it stolen to fund Hamas's war chest, or life style.

Hamas's disgusting behaviour has caused all this bloodshed, and now they're even stealing the very food and medicine that has been sent to help repair all the damage they've caused. 

So, do the right thing Hamas; return the hostages and give your citizens what the world has sent to help them.

Watch this space. The people's anger can only get stronger.


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  2. I remember Arafat and his wealth acquisition, so Hamas going the same way was no surprize.

    It's always the man/woman on the street that suffers.

  3. Arafat is (and always was) a disgusting excuse for a human being....visually, as well as his behavior. This, along with what we're experiencing here in the United States, is enough to make me very ill. Will stupidity and greed ever end?

  4. The Palestinian people need new leadership as does Israel. The UK and US just recently froze assets of people living in the settlements because of crimes done against Palestinians. War crimes are horrific.

  5. I like what that one man said to Hamas: "why are you hiding among civilians? Go and hide in Hell instead!"


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