Saturday 12 February 2011

Confit de Canard.

Very few things in my gastronomic life have really made an impact.

I wrote some time back of the pleasure I experienced when I first discovered Cummin, and that still remains one of my high points. But my greatest ever delight, was when I first tasted (the late) Madame D's 'Confit de Canard'. I was quite simply amazed. It was nearly 40 years ago, and Confit was still unknown to the outside world; it was a Périgordian speciality, made by Périgordians, and reserved for consumption in Périgord.

Large tins of Confit are now available world-wide, but it's quite a simple process to make your own.

If you haven't yet tasted Confit; I recommend that you do so at once.

Just in case anyone doesn't know, Confit de Canard is duck (usually leg/thigh) which has been gently cooked in it's own fat for about 3 hours, then preserved. It's later heated through (fried) as required.

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  1. That looks incredibly delicious!
    I have eaten duck, one Christmas prepared by a very good chef...I have never been brave enough to cook it myself though.

  2. Look out for the large tins Victoria. Making one's own requires a good stock of duck fat, and preferably specially fattened ducks!

  3. I have not heard of this dish however we do like duck...we just had a yummy dinner of lambs fry,bacon onions and gravy with mash and is Mums recipe and is so nice it is something we rarely have and the home made worster sauce added to the gravy is delish...I could go for a taste of that duck though,I haven't really seen any poultry in tins I woneder if it is a European thing?...

  4. I can smell the garlic from here. I'm drooling now...

  5. A few days before the season finished, 4 ducks which had grown up on my local pond, flew over my head, then over the nearby road, then right over about 6 men with shotguns on a nearby estate, and there was a volley of shots... I haven't wanted to eat mallard since, just in case they were my friends... (Comfit is nice though!)

  6. Confit is my chef-daughter's favourite dish! The flavour is so intense...delicious!

  7. my favourite food!
    chris ( who hails from kent) always used to go to france to buy tinned duck and his family still getus tins now....absolutely wonderful

  8. I always order confit when eating out. Even better when served with spuds roasted in duck fat. The perfect winter food.

  9. Pommes de terre a la Sarladaise. Pots fried in duck fat with garlic and parsley. Yum.


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