Wednesday 23 February 2011


So, here he is folks. The man who made all this possible; Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

I was amused to read recently that his only regret throughout all his development of the WWW was the use of the 'Double Forward Slash'. He said 'it seemed like a good idea at the time'. No doubt, if he started anew, he would have used something less clumsy.

So, belatedly. Thank you Tim, for everything; including the double forward slash (whatever purpose it serves!).


  1. Strange to think that you cannot use the net without the // - as in http://

    Stranger to think that Sir Tim also designed the system to be nuclear bomb-proof, so any chance of getting rid of one / is now impossible. Still, anything that mildly irritates the CIA is justified in my book.

  2. He looks innocent enough.


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