Monday, 21 February 2011

Cro's Confit de Canard.

When this ad' came through with the post, I couldn't resist.

Confit is usually made with two different cuts of Duck; the 'cuisse', and the 'manchon' (the thigh and the upper wing). This offer was for Manchons, and at €1.39 per kilo one can hardly say no!

The only problem with Confit making is that you really need 'fattened' ducks (canards gras); those that have been specifically raised for Foie Gras. Obviously this is not available everywhere, but any good fatty duck would do.

Stage one is to salt the pieces lightly, and leave them overnight.

The following day the pieces are very very slowly cooked (only barely bubbling; unlike above) in duck fat, for 2 hours for Cuisses, and 1 hour for Manchons. Keep checking that they don't brown too much; if possible they should remain quite pale. Lard would just about do instead of duck fat.

The pieces are then packed into sterilised pots or jars and the fat poured over. A round piece of greaseproof paper and an elastic band should keep out any unwanted visitors.

Pieces are taken out as required, and gently fried until heated through. Voila... it's as simple as that! If you keep your Confit in a cool place, it'll last for 6 months; if you can resist.

Traditionally Confit is eaten with Pommes de Terre Sarladaise; sliced potato cooked in duck fat (what else), with garlic and parsley. Yum.

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  1. Wow that sounds seriously much cholestrol would there be in that lol...I am not being a party pooper my goodness Bob would love this...I wonder if our country is too hot for such a delicacy..or perhaps it could be a winter treat..

  2. Carole. It used to be said that S W France had the lowest rate of heart disease in Europe, and it was all down to duck fat and red wine! The things that the kill-joys would like us to abandon, are often the best for us.

    Glad to hear you had a good break. I suggest Roll-Neck Jumpers.

  3. Cro, I thought about the jumper but have gone with the sew Bobs lips together idea ,seeing it is summer lol.The duck sounds great we have just been discussing where we can get a fatty duck as they are very lean here...

  4. I confess, I've never made it. But would love to have a sample of your finished product.


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