Sunday 20 February 2011

Solar Flares.

Tom Stephenson recently warned us about the evil effects of Solar Flares. Needless to say, but I think the guy on the left agrees.

Did people REALLY go outside wearing things like this? I certainly didn't! Mind you; that hat...

I have to thank my friend Sue, in South Africa, for the delightful picture.


  1. hummm.....put an over sized hand knitted multi coloured stripey jumper on the guy in the hat.......
    put flip flops on him and BINGO
    it was me in 1977

  2. So YOU were Freddie Mercury in 1977, John!

  3. I love Freddi Mercury. It's the guy in blue that worries me.

  4. I was reading recently that Freddie M left all his money to his first girlfriend. Good for him!

  5. Back in the days when men were rebelling against looking so drab. You need sunglasses just to look at them. I do remember hubby having one flowered shirt come to think of it (and no, I didn't buy it for him).


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