Thursday 17 February 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing?

My neck-o-the-woods is known for two good red wines; Bergerac, and Pécharmant. My preference is for the latter. Perfect to accompany my last saturday's posting of Confit de Canard.
I've recently been stocking up on the one above, which I'll probably offer to guests (I myself drink 'piquette'). If you look closely, you'll see that it contains 14% alc.

When I first moved over here, one could still buy 'lunchtime' wine in starred litre bottles (Nicolas) of about 6% alc. This is no longer available, probably thanks to the meddling EU bureaucrats. Frankly, I find 14% wine far too strong (unless your intention is to get drunk; which mine isn't).

So, regardless of the modern fashion for those unnecessary extra degrees; Cheers! And no, I'm NOT on commission.

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  1. Indeed Cro, a very good choice of wine. We find that the wine ‘on tap’ from the Deli is lighter, both in alcohol and price, for our lunch time tipple. Especially when accompanying their Gambas Provencale (if I have permission from HI.)

  2. I believe that's what we were given for our 'old folks lunch' last sunday. Yes, good stuff.

  3. I have recently been drinking 11.5 percent wine which is fine, but I find I have to drink 2.5 percent more of it.

  4. not a red wine drinker ( except at Christmas)
    gin and tonic any day

    long live the queen!

  5. It's always a treat to taste local wines. Yum. Pour me a glass of the Pécharmant, please.

  6. This evening's Spanish red was a whopping 14.5. Bit OTT for a weekday supper. The White was 13. Hard now to find much less - and if one does one sacrifices taste...And less is hard!

  7. Nice picture and sounds like a treat. I'd give it a try, though Merlot is my favorite.


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