Sunday 13 February 2011

The Full Monty.

Lady Magnon has always been a woman who lives by compromise (Swedes are known for it). So it came as no surprise when she consulted me about her proposed adoption of a rescue puppy. She wanted it to be an amicable joint decision. My reply was predictable...

No way José.

Not on your nelly.

Over my dead body.

Not in a million years.

Niet, Non, No, No, No!

Not even in your wildest dreams.

So, having put my foot down in no-uncertain terms, we've just returned from Miss Tiffany Tadpole's Home for Rescued Chiens, and above is a picture of the new puppy, Montague-Macbeth Magnon (Monty).... No doubt he will be creating puppy-chaos for the next six months (at least).

I do love it when a family can come together in friendly, mutually acceptable, agreement; especially concerning such an important decision.

Here Monty.... Fetch.... Good boy.


  1. Lol sounds just like our the Guinea Fowls we are waiting to go catch,I read this on Lady M's blog a little while back and have been waiting for this precious to arrive, I already know who will spoil Monty the most, just like Molly is Bobs other babe.Enjoy the puddles lol.

  2. I can read between those lines too Cro.

    Congratulations...he looks like a sweetheart...
    I love puppies!
    puppy chaos = love

  3. So you're not at all pleased or excited about the new arrival then Cro? Adorable.

  4. Methinks you will grow fond of him...

  5. He looks like he already owns you, the lady and the house. Walksies?

  6. You head was saying No, No, No, but your heart was saying Yes, Yes, Yes...and we know which one it's better to listen to.
    He's gorgeous.

  7. Yep. He's cute. There's no way you can't be in love.

  8. Congrats on your new family member!! There's a reason why puppies are so cute and are fun to watch--When you realize what those reasons are, you'll wonder how you ever did without him!

  9. Oh-oh-oh!!! My heart is melting. We had yellow labs for years. They are the best dogs EVER. This brought back so many happy memories and tears to my eyes.

  10. ADORABLE. You're besotted, you know you are!

  11. All you've got to do now Cro, is to get round Freddie. I think MMM is going to fit in so well with your family. He's gorgeous!


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