Saturday 13 November 2010

Protest Banners.

Have you noticed that in most protests the banners are all made by the same person. Some lone fanatic who, probably, is the only one who can spell.

The above picture from Thursday's Rememberance Day in London is a good example. These nice young people had just been showing collective gratitude to their country of adoption, by waving at the police, and keeping themselves warm over flowery open fires. Their amusing placards, all obviously of the same origin.

During my student days I went up to London to demonstrate about something that seemed important at the time. When we stepped out of the coach (where the march was due to begin) there was a man standing by the steps with a huge pile of banners. He handed one to me which was large and red. I looked at it carefully, and it had absolutely nothing at all to do with the reason for my protest; it was simply a standard Communist Party rant about smashing government. I returned it to the man at once, but was horrified to see so many others blindly walking off with their handed-out banners held aloft.

Our protest had been hijacked by a political agenda, and I wanted no more to do with it. Lady Magnon and I spent the rest of the day wandering in galleries, whilst, sadly, the sheep went off and (placards in hand) bleated loudly.

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  1. Well done Cro...your parents would have been proud that your education included learning to read lol these days they have to learn to spell first..over here no matter what the demonstration is you can gaurantee to see the same professional protesters in the first row..kind of makes you glad you are a generation back where potests were made but you were either studying or working as well.sigh... the good old days.

  2. It seems you cannot conduct a peaceful protest (or a service of commemoration) with having it hi-jacked by a bunch of mad bastards these days.

  3. Isn't that crazy? I'm glad you handed the sign back, because it's a terrible thing to misrepresented and someone might have been very affected by what you were holding. It reminds me of our horrible Phleps down here in Kansas. He goes to whatever play, concert, funeral, homecoming—you name it—and has the most awful hateful signs. I saw one that showed a NASA shuttle and it said, "God blew up the shuttle." WHA? Someone in the space program must be, or must know, or must have looked at a soldier, or a gay man/woman and that's their grievance. Funny how out here in nowhereland we are lacking all the foreign protestors with real issues, so we made up our own.

  4. Sadly stupidity knows no bounds...these people could give sheep a bad name!


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