Friday 12 November 2010

Happy Birthday Rupert.

Rupert the bear has just turned 90. Originally the idea of Mary Tourtel, he came to my attention under the pen of the great Alfred Bestall.

As a child, my Christmases would never have been the same without the annual book of Rupert's adventures. I adored him, and his pals Edward Trunk, Algy Pug, Bill Badger, Ping Pong, Tiger Lily, Sailor Sam, The little Gypsy Boy, etc etc.

Rupert (that's him above; red jumper, yellow trousers) came from a perfectly normal bear family, whose friends were all perfectly normal other-animal families. But all around them were humans and somehow this never seemed odd. His father wore chunky tweed plus-four suits and smoked a pipe, and his mother baked perfect pies and cakes. They were just like any other next-door-neighbour family.

No intergalactic wars, no alien threats to destroy mankind, no violence or explosions. Just good exciting and thought-provoking adventures.

Forget all that plug-in or battery operated X box, Wii, Game boy, stuff. Buy your boys, nephews, or grandsons (it is a bit boyish) a Rupert Bear album for Christmas; they'll be reading it for years to come.

And yes! I do still have my very own Rupert Scarf; it was hand-woven for me by a lovely friend way back in the late 60's.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm just off to spend the day in Nutwood!


  1. Rupert can't possibly be that old! I wonder if his friend Algy and Tiger Lily are still alive. I loved those books. (It's a shame I never really progressed much beyond them.) I just loved their 'wholesomeness' and happy endings. Liked his trousers too.

  2. Wasn't (isn't) he wonderful. I still have many of my old annuals. I really must go through them again!

  3. Both me and Her Indoors loved (and still love) the Rupert books. The only crimes committed in them were always carried out by a sinister, tramp-type person and the Gypsies were always good, honest folk. I used to fancy the Gypsy girl. The night scenes with Chinese lanterns, snow and carol singers were magical.

  4. One of my favourite stories was when Rupert went off to catch sunlight in jam jars. His mother was ill and the Dr Lion had said it was essential for her recovery. Of course, Rupert returned successful!

  5. Although, not the Rupert stories, I made it a point to read to my children often when they were small. I still have one shelf devoted to children's books in my little library. I couldn't bear to pack them away, in fact, I add a new one every so often, just for me.

  6. Children need very little, but amongst the essentials are a 'good' story EVERY night, and to ALWAYS eat at table with their parents.

  7. There's an animated Rupert shown at lunchtime. The kids really love it. He's always on some sort if mission, sometimes quite dangerous! It's a good show.

  8. Hi Cro..I so agree with your comment on bedtime stories and the table eating, it is a must at our home, when the children were growing up they never ever went to sleep without a story ,I love to make some of mine up and sometimes get in a real pickle when the little grandchildren say "again, again!" and I have to try to remember the adventure,I have often thought of writing them down but the days fly by,also the most wonderful end of the day is eating together I cannot understand why so many families these days eat with the plate on their lap and the TV blaring..I love Rupert bear also, in Australia we grew up with him and the wonderful Noddy and so many more.Thanks for reminding us and yes I have kept all those annuals from back them also.


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