Tuesday 2 November 2010

Rat's Teeth Anyone?

Yesterday morning I went out to gather a few late variety Chestnuts (Montagne), that I particularly enjoy. Unlike most Chestnuts they completely soften after about 8/10 mins boiling. Delicious.

Whilst out, I also found these Dents de Rat mushrooms. Also known here as Pieds de Biche, they are mildly flavoured, slightly sweet, but very substantial. We tend to use them in stews where they absorb the more important flavours around them. I shall cook them with a large bacon joint with carrots, butter beans, spuds, etc.

With these mushrooms, when you find one, you usually find a bag-full. They can grow in long lines of 20 metres or more, so well worth scratching around. Called The Hedgehog Mushroom in the UK, it's a good one to learn to identify, as, other than the Saffron Milk Cap, there isn't much else around at this time of year.

I have to add that the Dents de Rat is one of Lady Magnon's real favourites. She accompanied me on another forage yesterday afternoon, and we returned with loads.

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  1. They look like 'Hedgehog' fungus, Cro - are they the same thing? If so, they are really tasty, when I can find them!

  2. They look glorious! But I must say, I am most intrigued with the interesting knife.

  3. It's my Laguiole 'eating' knife. I tend to include it with such pix because it gives an idea of dimension.

  4. You are a better man that I am gunga din!

  5. When I saw the title Cro I thought o'h Lord don't tell me he has been invaded by rats!!!! lol only to find you talking about fungi..what a relief,you certainly get a variety over there.Carole

  6. I like the idea of using them in stews, with some wine maybe. Sounds great for this time of year!

  7. I envy your mushroom-foraging adventures....the worlds largest fungus exists in the state of Oregon, just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from my 'hood:



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