Saturday 20 November 2010

W H Schmuck.

NB: For those who are unaware, W H Smith is the UK's largest chainstore newsagent/bookseller, with a branch in every town, railway station, and probably public lavatory.

As such they are the current defenders of Britain's literary heritage; not that you'd know it.

A series of recent pre-Christmas TV ads is promoting a bunch of dreary, lacklustre, self-promo, ghost-written, junior Z list celeb's so-called autobiographies, all of which make me want to vomit.

Epitomising this rush for dim-wit cash, is glamour model 'Jordan', aka Katie Price. Proof that a size 48DD chest (is there such a thing?) is far more important than the ability to read and write if you wish to claim a Christmas best-seller.

Amongst my blogger friends (and elsewhere) are those who work really hard at their writing. It makes me mad that some twit can become rich and famous simply because of their surgically enhanced 'threepenny bits'.

Go on Katie; spell autobiography... Er... is it O R T A B Y O G R I F F E E?... Yes, well done Katie. Here, take the money!!



  1. I think Jordan's is a pop-up picture book, Cro. (or maybe 'pop-out')

  2. It's annoying (and how beautiful that you care the way you do!), but people who are really serious about reading, will move past to the 'on-sale' classics. It's a win-win situation, really. We get our Dickens, and they get long descriptions of how to shop for a gigantic bra. Can't beat that!

  3. She won't be getting any of my money Cro...and, I think, not any of yours either!

  4. I don't suppose Jordan has ever suffered the disappointment of returned manuscripts with the usual 'no thanks' attached.

  5. 'Being Jordan' half price or perhaps buy one - get one free' - either way - won't be getting me parting with my hard earned cash ! Amy's got it right.

  6. breath cro breath! It makes me smile when you get so hot and bothered about something, sorry can't help it. So thanks Jordan for the smile today!


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