Wednesday 24 November 2010

Congratulations Sir.

Now that the initial hullabaloo and brouhaha has calmed slightly, I would like to offer my open congratulations to England's foremost happy couple.

Wills will, in time, make a very good and popular king, and Kate seems to be the perfect consort.

How wonderful it'll be to have a young princess who not only knows how to behave, but also has an IQ over 80! (ahem)

I'm just wondering what I should give them as a wedding present...!
Now, I really must get my morning suit off to the cleaners.


  1. Hi Cro.How lovely to see you do an encouraging blog in the colonies we think it is great,we are half and half on the monarcy. I am on the for side I think some things seem to have been around all our lives in this throw away world and tradition is quickly ebbing away so I like to hang onto something that has always been there,I saw the Queen in 1956 in Sydney and as a little girl I was in awe,I missed seeing lady Di as by then I was living in the country no longer a city dweller,I did though read everything I could grab on her visit lol..however I thought it was lovely that you said morning and not mourning as I have a little suspicion Tom may lol sorry Tom if i am wrong. have a great day full of cabbage soup and yummy pate'.Carole

  2. Apparently a few 'ordinary citizens' will be invited to the bash. I shan't hold my breath though. (After all, there's nothing ordinary about me!). I shall look forward to donning my best hat and toasting the happy couple from afar with a glass of bubbly on my terrace. Any excuse!

  3. I just have to say . . . these two are gonna make beautiful babies! I can't wait to watch the wedding.

  4. And we're all having the day off over here to watch the wedding, Cro. They are getting married on my son's birthday! He was chuffed to bits and so are we!


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